Steven DeLay is a writer and philosopher living in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. An Old Member of Christ Church, Oxford, he is the author of a number of recent books: Elijah Newman Died Today (2022), Everything (2022), Faint Not (2022), In the Spirit (2021), Before God (2020), and Phenomenology in France (2019). He is also the editor of Life Above the Clouds: Philosophy in the Films of Terrence Malick (2023) and the editor of Finding Meaning: Philosophy in Crisis (2023) based on the series of online essays, “Finding Meaning,” at 3:16 AM. He teaches in post-Kantian philosophy, with a focus in the phenomenological and existential traditions.

2020 - 2016
University of Oxford
Research Fellow
2022 - Present
Global Center for Advanced Studies College Dublin
Tutorial Fellow
2019 - Present
Ambrose College, Woolf University
Thomas Jack Lynch Teacher-Scholar Postdoctoral Fellow
2018 - 2019
Wake Forest University
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