Steven DeLay is an American writer and philosopher living in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. An Old Member of Christ Church, Oxford, he is the author of a number of recent books: Everything (2022), Faint Not: Twelve Brief Meditations on the Word of God (2022), In the Spirit: A Phenomenology of Faith (2021), Before God: Exercises in Subjectivity (2020), and Phenomenology in France: A Philosophical and Theological Introduction (2019). He is also the editor of Life above the Clouds: Philosophy in the Films of Terrence Malick (2022) and the editor of Finding Meaning: Philosophy in Crisis (2023) based on the series of online essays, “Finding Meaning,” at 3:16 AM. He teaches in post-Kantian philosophy, with a focus in the phenomenological and existential traditions.

2020 - 2016
University of Oxford
Research Fellow
2022 - Present
Global Center for Advanced Studies College Dublin
Tutorial Fellow
2019 - Present
Ambrose College, Woolf University
Thomas Jack Lynch Teacher-Scholar Postdoctoral Fellow
2018 - 2019
Wake Forest University